A rumour reached the village is a collective inquiry that began in a game set in an imagined community, riven with witchcraft, industry and accusation. Over three months, six artists exchanged challenges and responses, out of which common themes emerged: loops and circles, colonies and growth, architecture and language, nature and storytelling. The culminating exhibition is a settlement of images, objects, moving image and living cultures, questioning the stories and materials on which communities are built.

Collaborating artists: Sarah-Jane Field, Eva Louise Jonas, Michaela Lahat, Rowan Lear, Joshua Phillips and Christel Pilkær Thomsen.

Facilitated by Pic London and London College of Communication

A rumour reached the village was part of the Pic London Collective Strategies programme culminating in: Why do it together when you can do it alone? at Lewisham Art House, 10th - 19th October, 2019

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